10 secrets to a good night’s sleep

in this acticle i will share with you 10 secrets to a good night’s sleep advices the secret to being a peak performer. because when you don’t get proper sleep can cause big problems .

you experience daytime , stress, feelings of lethargy, bad mood , weight gain, reduced immunity and viral infection, and lowered productivity, concentration, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack , and harm memory.

Even modest sleep deprivation can seriously affect your general health and longevity!

How do you know if you are getting proper sleep?

a) Do I need an alarm clock in order to wake up at the appropriate time?

b) Do I often fall asleep in boring meetings or in warm rooms, after heavy meals, or when watching TV?

c) Do I often fall asleep within 5 minutes of getting into bed?

d) Do I often sleep extra hours on weekend mornings?

e) Do I feel tired during the day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this mean you need more sleep.

10 secrets to a good night’s sleep

1. Keep Your Bedroom Quiet, Dark, And Cool

Sleep on a mattress with individual pocketed coils that reduce motion transfer, or a foam mattress designed to support your back properly. Use a high-quality down pillow.

2. Reduce Stress As Much Aa Possible

Even if you are sleep-deprived, anxiety can delay sleep onset. Try relaxation exercises. Have a “worry time” before going to sleep by writing down your concerns.

Your worries then won’t interfere with sleep onset or wake you up during the night.

3. TV, Youtube , Netflix, Social Media..

Don’t watch TV or youtube & netflix within 3 hours of bedtime .

4. Chamomile Tea and Warm Bath

Take a Chamomile Tea and a warm bath then go to bed the best ways to relax and improve your sleep.

5.Reading :

Reading for pleasure before turning off the lights will also ease you into sleep.

6.Avoid Foods Before Bed

  • What You Eat Affects How You Sleep , To have a good sleep you have to avoid foods like Chocolate, Cheese, Curry, Bananas…
  • 7.Avoid Sleeping Pills

    why you should avoid Sleeping Pills ?

  • sleeping pills are classified as sedative hypnotics, a chemical substance used to reduce tension and anxiety and induce calm.and sleeping pills have side effects. You won’t know, until you try it.
  • Some reasons why you should avoid sleeping pills

  • -Sleeping pills can cause nightmares and disturbing dreams.

  • -Sleeping pills can be bad for your liver .

  • -also sleeping pills can be bad for stomach.
  • -also Sleeping pills increase the risk of cardiovascular events in heart failure .
  • 8. Breathing exercises to Help Fall Asleep

  • There are a multitude of structured breathing exercises “4-7-8” breathing is one of them.
  • Take a comfortable position with open or closed eyes :

  • Inhale for 4 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • Exhale slowly, for 8 seconds
  • You can repeat this exercise several times

9.Earplug for Sleeping at Night

Noise is probably the first thing that can prevent us from falling asleep or waking us up in the middle of the night! Snoring, loud neighbors or just street noise, we have all encountered one of these situations.

Difficult then to enjoy a restful sleep.

Sleeping with earplugs allows you to no longer be disturbed and to find a deep sleep throughout the night. They will also allow you to be able to sleep more easily in noisier environments.

  • 10.Get a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow

    To promote sleep and restful sleep, it is essential to choose the right bedding. In addition to the box spring, which must be chosen with care, the pillow and the mattress must also be the object of all attention.

  • For optimal comfort, it is better to buy the box spring and the mattress at the same time and take them from the same brand to be sure that they adapt well to each other.
  • A box spring will not fit a foam or latex mattress.

how to sleep better at night naturally


Identify the amount of sleep you need to be fully alert all day long and get that amount every night.

For most adults, it’s 8 hours. For teenagers, it’s 9.25 hours.


Go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up (without an alarm clock) at the same time every morning including weekends.


For sleep to be rejuvenating, you should get your required amount of sleep in one continuous block. Any nicotine or caféine after 2 P.M. or alcohol within 3 hours of bedtime will disrupt your sleep.


For every 2 hours awake, you add 1 hour of debt to your sleep debt bank account that is, it takes 8 hours of sleep to restore 16 hours of waking activity.

You cannot make up for large sleep losses during the week by sleeping in on weekends any more than you can make up for lack of regular exercise and overeating during the week by working out and dieting only on the weekends.

To make up for lost sleep, you might consider a power nap: taken midday and limited to 20 minutes.

  • The best predictor of quality of life is sleep.