Affiliate marketing revenue booster php code

i wanted to share with you this affiliate marketing revenue booster php code , this code is simple and very easy to use ,you just you need a php web server who can run php files and you have to make a simple txt file with a list of your best affiliate marketing products to boost your sales .

but beofre we start lets talk about Affiliate Marketing and how it work .

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Associate showcasing is the interaction by which a subsidiary procures a commission for advertising someone else’s or alternately organization’s items. The associate just looks for an item they appreciate, then, at that point, advances that item and acquires a piece of the benefit from every deal they make.

Affiliate Marketing need 3 things : Product ,Advertiser and Consumer .

Seller and product creators

Seller and product creators need someone who have some skills to help them to sell there products.

The affiliate or advertiser

The affiliate or advertiser work hard to make niches and the best items they can advance as an associate, and sites they can get traffic from.

The consumer.

The people who purchased goods, products, or services primarily for personal,and shared products from the web and social media,

A different ways for an affiliate to increase sales in 2022 :

Using this Random Banner Script Php Code will give you more chances to increase sales especially when you have many banners and u don’t know which one you will promoting with this code you can do it all in one code by simply using wordpress php code snippets if u are using wordpress or just any web hosting who can run php pages .

Dynamic Ad PHP Code   :

You can test my code from this link : random ads 

you can see everytime you reload the page the link change all what you have to do is editing your adslist.txt file with your ads code one by line .

Random Banner Script Php Code

$file= “adslist.txt”;
$bglist = file($file);
$randombg = rand(0, count($bglist)-1);
echo “$bglist[$randombg]”;
if you have any questions or error with this code , please let us know.