how metaverse will change the world

before to talk about how metaverse will change the world we must understand the metaverse meaning , in simple terms mankind has found the way, or rather invented the technology which will allow it indeed to assume the role of the digital god, even through its new digital universe: the Metavers transcends itself to become the digital god.

The term “Metaverse” was first coined by Neil Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel Avalanche.

However, the concept remained a niche market until it became mainstream in Steven Spielberg’s 2018 film Ready Player One.

Both stories describe Metavers as a tool of escape, a virtual world used by the powerful to control the masses, leaving them in a perpetual state of complacency and distraction.

For many experts, this is the major digital revolution of the past decade, marking the transition to Web 3.0. ,Web 1.0 provides access to information,Web 2.0, the age of social media, brought interaction. The Metaverse brings an additional dimension of immersion, that is to say an environment in which one feels fully present.

The concept applies to 3D video games, but also to new blockchain-based Metavers such as Decentraland or Corocico The Sandbox and many will follow later.

The Haptic Glove
The Haptic Glove

Meta’s haptic prototype is a glove lined with inflatable plastic pads called actuators, Meta Reality Labs (formerly Facebook Reality Labs) has developed a prototype haptic glove capable of reproducing sensations such as gripping an object or passing the hand over a surface.

According to the giant, the accessory will have to pass through the detection of the user’s intention, for this, Meta intends to use bracelets to detect the signals of control of the movements (motoneuron).

This is how gestures could be turned into commands.

what you will need for the metaverse ?

For the metaverse you will need a very good connection and above all good equipment to access it, enough money to pay for an internet subscription and pay for the famous AR glasses. once the user is inside, he must run up against random and imaginary limits to be lucky. They must regulate our actions and our freedom of expression,also the morale of the users will be tested.

Finally, a new world of economy and virtual money based on cryptocurrency with rules.

In conclusion, we can’t say enough about this, but Metavers props are essential in giving users a feeling of beyond the real world.

Metavers represents a fundamental shift in the way humans interact with computers and the web, and Meta understands this and is investing heavily in advanced immersive and haptic technologies in virtual services.