how to deliver bad news positively

how to deliver bad news positively – How to announce a death to an adult , to a child? Tell your spouse, with whom you have been with for five years, that you are going to leave? delivering bad news is almost always a dificult, awkward, and painful experience for the person who breaks the bad news as well as for the recipient.

Communicating a diagnosis of serious illness, announcing the recurrence of cancer, explaining the merits of a transfer to a palliative care unit: the announcement of bad news refers to very diverse clinical situations.

Beyond this diversity of clinical situations, it is worth exploring the dimension of shock, misunderstanding and trauma that any announcement of bad news by a doctor .

The secret to breaking bad news is not what you say, but how you listen and how you respond to the other person.

The first step is to make the physical Setting as comfortable as possible. Sit down and create an air of privacy (shut the door, turn oʃ the television, etc.).

Next, do your best to ascertain what the other person is feeling or suspecting assess their Perception of the situation.

Things you must know before you start speaking.

Are they worried? Do they already think something bad has happened?

How you assess the situation will help you in the next step Initiation. The exact words you use will depend on your own personal style and on your relationship with the other person.

If the news you will be delivering is unexpected, you might use phrases such as “I’m afraid I have to tell you something about …” or, “I’ve just been called by the hospital: there’s been an accident and …,” or, “I’ve been talking to the doctor about …”

The next two steps of the strategy must occur simultaneously: you give the other person a Narrative of what has happened, and you respond to their reactions and Emotions as you do so. The Narrative is the story of what has happened.

As you explain the events, you need to address and acknowledge Emotions—in many respects, this is the
most important process in the communication.

If you are able to respond well to the other person’s emotions, you will be a good and eʃective communicator, even if the other steps and processes are not perfect.

delivering bad news in a positive way using a valuable way of addressing and acknowledging emotions.

best way to announce a death

how to deliver bad news positively and make it seem less severe than it is ,in all situations you have to act on a case by case .

“It will not be the same if the death occurs after a serious illness, or if it is a brutal car accident.

But one thing is certain: it is necessary, as much as possible, to prepare the ear of the person. It can be: “You know that he/she was sick and that it was very serious…” in the first case.

Or in the case of a brutal accident: “I have something very serious to tell you, and it will be a shock…” Even a few quick steps to say “He or she had an accident”

the best approach to delivering bad news

how to deliver bad news positively ? in this approach the best to do is to identify emotions that have arisen, whether shock, doubt, anger, fear, Distress, or any mix of these .

 In this case, where you identify the cause or source of the emotion, it is almost always the real news itself.

Your response shows that you have established a connection. For example, if you hear news of an accident or even death,

the empathic response might be as simple as “This is obviously a terrible shock.” You can add an expression of sympathy: “This is a terrible shock i’m so sorry for you.”

But the important part is to start with a clear empathic response demonstrating that you have recognized and acknowledged the other person’s emotion.

Choose the right time and the right place

To reduce the impact of bad news, it is also important to choose the right place – neutral and sheltered from curious people – as well as the moment at which to announce it.

Be direct while being diplomatic

The way you will announce the bad news depends on the reaction of the one who receives the bad news .

Communication – all its importance here, because the slightest gesture or micro facial expression contrary to the words formulated can lead to a misunderstanding, a misinterpretation of the message.

The objective is to eliminate any ambiguity or doubt as to the content of the message transmitted.

You must be direct, clear, precise while remaining diplomatic and concerned by his interlocutor(s).

He must be authentic and sincere, not overdoing it or else he will be seen as a hypocrite. Bad news is hard to digest. No need to add words or behavior that would ring false.

No need to talk about the rain or the good weather or even to deviate on a subject other than the news.