in this tutorial i will help you to understand how to get traffic to your website and how you can have free backlinks to your website .

3 Best Method To Get A Lot Of Traffic To Your Website

3 simple methode to get traffic to your new website you can try it and you will see a good result if you do it right .

Method 1 to get visitors to your website using Forums and Participatory question and answer platforms

Forums and Participatory question and answer platforms that rely on an active community for content and development who alowe you to post and share your links like :Quora ,Reddit,Tumblr, LinkedIn ,Pinterest ,Facebook…..

how to use forums to drive traffic to your blog website

About forums you can use findaforum is a great website  you can browse or search for forums for a specific niches, then you can share your links and answer to other people the most effective way to increase traffic to your website for free .

Dont spam just 1 or 2 links and focus for a good and interesting content.

Method 2 to get visitors to your website using Emailing campaign

You have to work gard to get contacts and thousands of emails .

Collect the valuable email addresses of your customers.

If you send thousands of emails it’s best to make sure your recipients receive them in their inbox and not in their spam emails.

Contests, downloads of white papers / guides, registration forms that trigger when visitors arrive or are about to leave your site.

All means are good to generate registrations. Entice your visitors with interesting content, you are more likely to obtain their contact details for a free download of a white paper or guide.

Warning dont try to get your contact lists illegally!

You must respect the voluntary opt-in, which consists in the recipient explicitly giving their consent to the advertiser to receive their emails.

Method 3 to get visitors to your website using SEO

how to get google traffic to your website natir

1) Free Seo

Speed up your website
Perform keyword research: keywords in the title of each page and in the URL
Keywords in metadata and alt text of your images
SEO optimization of your site
Create inbound links
The Hn markup of your page
Keywords in content
Reduce your bounce rate
Add a call to action (CTA)
Create remarkable and relevant content
Being a writer for an industry blog
Cheek your sute seo score and improve your website(free seo tool)

2) Paid SEO (SEA)

Paid SEO refers to advertising on search engines. This is one of the best ways to rank quickly on target keywords and generate traffic.

Paid referencing relates to all the techniques to improve its visibility and its positioning on search engines.

Technical SEO requires in-depth knowledge of the structure of a site in particular, because it is about knowing how to put your hands in the code.

You can try Google Ads Pay Per Click if you have the budget .

Also you can get cheap traffic to your website from adfly


Let me know  what is your most effective way to increase traffic to your website by posting a comment below.