How To Make Money Buying And Selling Domain Names

in this flipping tutorial i will explain to you how to make money buying and selling domain names by means of obtaining the proper domains and promoting them for a good profit.

What is domain flipping ?

A domain name is the identity and the address of your internet web site who start with www. and end with .com .org or .somthing, that you write in the browser URL bar in order to visite this website its a part of the internet infrastructure and its unique.

Domain flipping is finding a domain name that can offer real value and buy it cheaper and try to sell it more expensive and make a good profit .

How to make money flipping .

Narrow your focus.
Find a domain name that offer real value.
Check domain availability.
Evaluate the price and the then buy and flip domains.

How to pick out the ideal domain name.

1)How much a domain name is worth depends on how much visitors the keywords might bring to the website.

For example if you can buy it will be very easy to sell it becose its a very simple name and many car insurance company will love it and to find a very good opportunity you can try using ,  ahrefs or  :

2)Evaluate the price and buy you domaine .

3)Find a liste of the best domain name flipping platform to sell your domains

After you have find your domain name check one of this website and start flipping  .

Where to sell your domain name :

you can try one of this site :

On many marketplaces, you can choose between two methods: you can specify a fixed price or opt for an auction.

Both have their advantages: a fixed price is more attractive to many buyers because they know what they are getting into right away.

But many sellers prefer auctions because they think they can get a better deals.