How To use an old phone as a camera

How To use an old phone as a camera – DroidCam is designed to turn your Android mobile into an IP camera, this application automatically generates a unique IP which is accessible from any browser or device.

Turn your old mobile into a surveillance camera

Convert an old smartphone into a surveillance camera is very simple ,no additional configuration is required, to activate the WebCam via WiFi on your computer, you just need to launch the application on your smartphone then copy and paste the IP address provided in the browser of your computer.

also you can record this camera from your computer using obs Open Broadcaster Software – OBS Studio or other screen recording software also you can stream from it .

This application also allows you to use your smartphone as a WebCam via the USB cable and Wireless Webcam via WiFi.

You can protect your video link to prevent others from accessing it via IP address, just set up a username and password in DroidCam settings, when you confirm, the login page will be displayed whenever you access your camera from an external browser.

Use DroidCam with with chat programs like Zoom, MS Teams, and Skype.

Do you regularly use Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing software, but your computer is not equipped with a camera ?

Don’t panic, DroidCam is here to help.

Here’s how to use it to link the mobile’s camera with any video calling software.

To test the performance of the application, we used the Skype software, unfortunately, we were unable to make it work on MacOS or with the version of Skype downloaded from Windows Store.

You will therefore be forced to download the desktop version of Skype from its official website.

Step 1: Download the DroidCam app on your smartphone from this link

Launch the app to get the shareable IP address, remember to set up a username and password to secure your WebCam.

After the install was done open DroidCam app on your smartphone and click next .


Click Next again

Then DroidCam app will ask you for microphone and camera permission you click yes

In this step DroidCam will give you some info you need to save them becose you will need them later on your Pc .

Step 2: install DroidCam on Windows

Download and install the driver corresponding to your operating system (im using wondows)

In your desktop, run DroidCamApp then enter the IP and Port number (The same numbers you have in your phones ) you got then press Start.


Step 3: Connect to the video call software To Skype, then click on the icon that will allow you to activate the camera.

Next, choose to use an external camera.

On the latest version of Skype, choose

Settings > Audio and Video then select DroidCam Source for your video source and DroidCam Virtual Audio for audio.

droidcam as skype webcam

DroidCam is an application that unfortunately only works on Android devices but there is an IOS alternative called IVCam (it also works on Android).