Keyword Generator From meta keywords

Keyword Generator From meta keywords is a free seo tool 2022, a tool to generate automatically and discover keywords ideas for your website by using your meta name keywords .

Also you can use this tool as a Free Keyword Generator For Youtube it work very good.

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What is Keywords and meta keywords

Keyword meta tags or meta keywords tag allow webmasters to define their keywords for a search program. It is through this stored information that an Internet user searching for keywords in a program’s database receives the appropriate HTML pages.

These meta tags were previously essential for SEO and were the key element in early search engine rankings. Today, this meta element is kept out of the calculation of Google ranking factors because it is easily manipulated.

The other competitors of the Californian giant such as Bing also place little importance on keyword meta tags.

Their relevance for the search engine optimization of a website is the equivalent of zero.

How this Free keywords tool will help you to get more traffic ?

Using Google Search Console to Analyze Keyword Traffic Identifying & analyzing keyword traffic is simple. this functionality offered by Google Search Console , formerly known as Webmaster Tools , allows you to quickly & easily identify keywords that indicated are driving traffic to your website , making it an excellent starting point indoors your keyword traffic analysis.

This tool will allow you to find new keywords a,d will generate 3 liste of keywords ideas suggestions you can add few of them in your title and content to boost your traffic .

Also you can pay attention to your keywords and try to find low competition keywords .

You can use this tool as a Free Keyword Generator For Youtube 2022

Produce new content that using generated keywords suggestions .

In HTML, the code must follow the following format:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword 1,SEO keyword 2 ,meta keywords tag 3″>

The value of this meta tag consists of a series of phrases (but not full sentences) separated by commas. You can add a space after each comma, as in the example below (XHTML), but it doesn’t change anything:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword 1,SEO keyword 2 ,meta keywords tag 3″ />

The HTML5 version has not changed anything regarding the meta keywords.

You can include accents and all kinds of special characters, provided that your page encoding is correct and well declared (charset). In this case, it is advisable to use UTF8.

A priori, there is no limit for this tag, either in number of keywords (therefore commas) or in number of characters (no known maximum size). However, read the rest of the article carefully, because the most important thing is to know which engines or tools use this meta tag. It will then be on a case-by-case basis that it will be necessary to inquire about the maximum size not to be exceeded.

As you will see by reading the explanations in the rest of this article, it is totally useless to use a meta keywords tag generator or to ask questions like “should the keywords be singular or plural, or both? »…