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Meta Description Checker Tool – A good seo meta description length 2022 is between 150 and 160 characters. seo meta description length checker wil check your meta description length with the number of characters and the number of words used in description .

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This free seo meta description checker will help you to see how your meta descriptions may appear in Google and how optimizing for better on-page SEO .

This tool Can Be Used As A Meta Description Checker For Youtube

How to write a good meta description tag

The <meta name=”description”> tag designates the few lines of description that aim to show the relevance of a website. The goal: to make Internet users who need a little help click after reading your title.

A unique, concise and impactful hook
Several criteria allow you to write an effective Meta description tag. It is particularly advisable not to exceed 155-160 characters, which is equivalent to one or two sentences. The hook must be powerful so that Internet users understand the relevance of your site to their request.

Like the title tag, the Meta description tag is present on all pages. It is important to bet on unique descriptions for each page. It is also recommended to write a purely descriptive hook. You can add a call-to-action if it seems relevant to your business.

Note that sometimes search engines do not display the Meta description included in your HTML code. This happens when Google finds that this snippet is not relevant enough to the query made by a user. In this case, he replaces the description with another extract from the website that he finds more suitable.

how to properly write Title and Meta description tags to improve SEO

The <title> tag tells users and search engines what a web page is about. Several criteria must be met when it comes to writing.

Quickly convince the Internet user

An effective title tag should contain a limited number of characters. On a computer, Google truncates titles that exceed 600 pixels wide, usually between 55 and 65 characters. The displayed title more precisely stops at the last whole word that Google can display in a 600 pixel area. In this case, it is followed by an ellipsis. On mobile, more characters are visible. You can choose titles that exceed this limitation, but think that it is these first 55-65 characters that will allow a user to be convinced or not to access your site.