MSA Has Stopped Working Error Fix

msa has stopped working Error Fix 2022 – Sometimes an annoying error message pops up stating that the service “MSA Keeps Stopping” or “MSA has stopped automatically”.

The latter is displayed when you try to clean your mobile or in the event that you want to open certain applications, in particular Gmail.

The MSA app in your android smartphone stands for MIUI System Ads, which is a system application that cannot be uninstalled.

If you also have this kind of problem, this msa stopping working step by step fix guide will help you solve it.

Lets Fix MSA error keeps stopping

Fortunately, Xiaomi has now released its own solution to work around this problem, the method should make the error message disappear completely, which has been identified in the “Android System WebView” application.

It is a small application integrated in the system of all Android devices, it allows other applications to display web content without the need to open the web browser.

Nevertheless, since the problem has been identified, we offer some solutions to correct it:

Repair the MSA application

Tap “Settings” then “Apps”.


"Manage apps".

Then choose “Manage apps”.

"Manage apps".

Touch the three dots at the top right of the screen and choose “Show all apps”.

Type “msa” in the search box.

POCO M3 search box.

POCO M3 search box.

Once the application is displayed, select it and then tap “Clear data”. Confirm by tapping “Erase all data” then “OK”.


Now click on “Uninstall updates” then confirm with “OK”.

Repair Android System WebView app

Go back to the search screen then type “Android sys”.


Touch the “Android System WebView” application then erase its data by touching “Erase data > Erase all data” then confirming with “OK”.

clear data webview

When done, tap “Enable” to re-enable the process.

That’s it.

if any of your apps shows the “(App name) has stopped” massage, go back to the apps page and delete its data with the same procedure explained in this tutorial but dont do it with system apps this can make other problems and maybe you will have to flash your phone

also if you have Unfortunately App has Stopped Error you can do the same remove the Application and install it again .

in the worst case you will need to make a backup of your files and perform a factory reset.