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Online Duplicate Word Finder a simple tool to find all duplicate words online will help you to identifying duplicate words in any text ,paragraphs or web content for free, you therefore have no subscription or any fees to pay to take advantage of this duplicate word counter tool.

The task is to find duplicate elements in a regular expression and show data about the number of repetitions .

In most languages, words are separated by spaces and/or punctuation. Also included in the word count.

Spot repetitions in paragraphs and replace them with a synonym .

Online Find the most used words in a text .

List with colored redundant data duplicate , find triple words , or more .

Find repetitions in web content
Find repetitions in a text and paragraphs .
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Remove Duplicate Keywords Online :

Online Duplicate Word Finder

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Word counter :

sometimes it will be necessary to know the number of words that a particular text contains. This character counter will save you valuable time by giving you a wealth of information about the content of your documents. Whether for school writing, for text analysis, for Internet web content or simply out of curiosity, this site is for you. No more head counting, it will do it for you effortlessly.


A banker’s son said to his father:

– Dad, lend me 20 euros, but only give me 10.

The father asks:

– Why, my boy?

– That way you will owe me 10 euros, I will owe you 10 euros and we will be quits!

The Result From Duplicate Words Finder Tool :

The Word me Found 3 times

The Word euros, Found 2 times

The Word you Found 2 times

The Word will Found 3 times

The Word owe Found 2 times

The Word 10 Found 2 times

The Number Of Words in This Text = 39 Words