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Online Keyword Generator 2022 will help you to automatically discover keywords ideas for your wordprss articles & topics and find relevant keywords from 3 different Suggestions generated from your original keywords .

Simply enter your article url and click Generate Keywords ideas , next check your Keyword Idea Reports.

Also you can generate long-tail keywords ( groups of keywords with the same parent topic) .

Also you can find subtopics & find niche keyword ideas .

Pay attention to your keywords

To increase the traffic of its website, it is necessary to improve its referencing.

For this, you have probably already heard of SEO, or natural referencing. It is essential to optimize your SEO to gain visibility on the results of search engines, especially Google.

And here’s how:

Use LSI keywords:

LSI keywords, or latent semantic indexing, mean keywords that are part of the same context. They are not to be confused with synonyms: these keywords are grouped by a similar expression or context without meaning the same thing.

For example, if you use the word “orange”, Google uses semantic context keywords to understand if you are talking about the fruit, or the color.

Google pays great attention to the lexical fields of user queries. You can therefore focus your SEO strategy on keywords brought together by the same semantic field.

Take care of your titles:

The title of a content is essential: the user knows instantly thanks to the title if this content meets his expectations or not. By making your titles attractive, you increase your click-through rate, and therefore your SEO.

However, don’t go to the opposite extreme. Teaser and misleading titles are strongly sanctioned by Google.

Try long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords are keywords that do not have a high search volume, but are less competitive. They represent a non-negligible part of the traffic on your website.

Bet on long-tail keywords to improve your site traffic over time.

How this Free keywords tool will help you to get more traffic ?

Using Google Search Console to Analyze Keyword Traffic Identifying & analyzing keyword traffic is simple. this functionality offered by Google Search Console , formerly known as Webmaster Tools , allows you to quickly & easily identify keywords that indicated are driving traffic to your website , making it an excellent starting point indoors your keyword traffic analysis.

This tool will allow you to find new keywords a,d will generate 3 liste of keywords ideas suggestions you can add few of them in your title and content to boost your traffic .

Also you can :

Pay attention to your keywords and try to find low competition keywords .
Try this tags on YouTube .
Produce new content that using generated keywords suggestions .

If this Tool is not working for your web site you can try this one :

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