Remove Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

in this tutorial im going to show you how to Remove Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset , and unlock any android Phone with forgotten pattern using your pc and ADB .

Understanding How to Delete Pattern Lock with ADB commands

ADB is a simple software who help you to control your Android from a PC allowing commands to be sent directly to your device.

Adb can be used for removing apps or files , upload , download and more , also can restart your phone without Power Button just by using adb reboot command .

so we will use this software to try to delete the pattern lock especially if can’t unlock your Android device.

how to remove pattern lock using adb

ADB (or Android Debug Bridge) allows you to control your Android device from your PC using specific commands ,but before you can use it you have to download The adb drivers

To install adb and adb drivers on your Windows computer, follow this links :



Download ADB Drivers (Latest Updated Version)

install ADB, FASTBOOT and Google USB drivers on your PC

install ADB

Type Y and press enter

ADB, FASTBOOT and Google USB drivers

Again type Y and press enter

install ADB

Also type Y one more timeĀ  and press enter.

installed ADB driver

Click install and wait untill the installation done .

Once ADB and drivers are installed, connect your phone to your compute :

Plug your Phone to your Pc Using the Usb Cable Open Windows PowerShell or cmd then run the following commands:
Adb devices (it show connected devices)


If everything is fine run next commands:

Adb Shell

Cd data/system

su (log in as SuperUser (ROOT mode))

Rm *.key

Restart your mobile to apply the changes made to the (System) folder.

Now Your phone Pattern is removed .

The commande Rm *.key will remove all files with .key extension in data/system folder .

If you are unable to remove the unlock pattern you will need to format your mobile using a hard reset.

But before resetting it, remember that the latter may ask you to enter the Google account synchronized on the device.

so you must have your Google account which is activated on the device so that you can complete the reset .