Seo Google Ranking 2022 Guide

The goal with this Seo Google Ranking 2022 Guide is to show you simple things you can do before and after you start your blog or website to increasing your search engine rankings and improving your online business. a simple seo tutorial for beginners to start increasing your search engine rankings immediately using this google ranking factors 2022.

Choosing the right keywords for seo

choosing the right keywords to target in your SEO campaign depending in your website content and domaine name.this mean Before you start you website you have to think twice about the domaine name and the right keywords, the search volume and keywords difficulty or competition.

For any important keywords that you want to rank with, create a subpage with relevant
information and a domain that includes the keyword.

For example, if you want to target “cheap flights”

write some content related to that with a domain like:

if you visite this link you will find the keyword “cheap flight” is also used in the description you can cheek other website as an example to understand how to rank using google ranking factors 2022.

Also you have to be smart and find few keywords very low competition ,this will help you to get some traffic also  you can use this free tool keyword difficulty web sites like :

The terms should also enjoy a healthy amount of monthly search volume according to the Google Keyword Tool. Ideally, you would like keywords that receive at least one thousand searches per month.

This should initially include five to ten search terms.

 Onsite Optimization

Using your selected keywords, revise the following tags on your website to include your target search

Update Your Header Tag <H1> .

Your Title Tag <Title> .

Your Meta Description .

Alt Attribute For All Images .

Also Try To Publish High-Quality Content.

Fix broken links. You can Check got free from this link: Free SEO Checker

Compress your images and do the best to speed up your website it will help you too.

Backlinks Dofollow From Forums Like :

Joomla Forum
CNET Forum
Mysql Forum
Digital point Forum
Site Point Forum
Warrior forum
File Sharing Forum
Geek Village Forum

how to check google seo ranking

to check google seo ranking you have to go to your google search console

You have to index your website by sending your sitemap by using this tool and then you will have many informations like Site analytics, Performances ,Total clicks on web search pages and much more .

you can see your indexed page by searching on google : remplace with your url .

also you can try

Follow This Free web optimization guide 2022 To Improve Your Site For The  Search Engines.